The Journey

The chilli-vanilli-idea was born in 2013. On a long trip through Southeast Asia, swimming trunks were my constant companion. But nowhere did I find a model that met my expectations in terms of the details. I consequently came back home with the idea to create swim shorts myself.chilli vanilli swimwear founderCombining high-quality workmanship, first-class fabric and trendy design was the goal and it took time.

The first self-made swim shorts did not yet meet the special requirements by far. Research into textiles, tailoring and attending sewing courses helped and with every swim trunks sewn, the details improved.

After the style of the swim shorts had been developed, the right fabric was still missing. For chilli vanilli it was important that the swim shorts feel comfortable on the skin, are lightweight and do not compromise its texture when in contact with chlorine- or salt water.

The long journey to find suitable fabrics finally ended in northern Italy. A family business that is over 100 years old processes synthetic fibers there, which are now also used for chilli vanilli swim shorts.

The patterns for the fabrics are designed in-house. The inspiration for this ranges from Roman tiles to modern architecture.

Countless prototypes later, chilli vanilli began manufacturing the first swim shorts in the EU in 2020. The first swim trunks found their way to a satisfied customer in 2021.

Follow our journey @chilli_vanilli_swimwear.

Designed in Berlin, made in the EU.